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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A sad day has come to all of us here at His and Hermit. In light of recent celeb deaths in the past month we are sad to announce a recent passing of our very own Chinstrap. We were all surprised by the passing. He was found early morning in his cage sans his shell in an apparent botched molting attempt. People close to the crab reported that he was happy and upbeat in his shell with no sign that he was ready to move on. Currently his cagemate Lunchbox is being held for questioning but for the most part foul play has been ruled out.
Chinstrap was loved by everyone and even though he is gone he will not be forgotten. No word about whether or not he will be replace in the cage but most certainly the site will go on with Lunchbox and current guest cohost "Frogs" an aqua frog from a west coast office park.