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Monday, July 16, 2007

Kristie Yamaguchi reviews the i-Phone

For my first assignment here at His and Hermit I was tasked with checking out the new Apple i-Phone. Being a pretty conservative crab myself I must say that I didn't buy into the hype or the movie trailer-like promotion of this product, but the long lines outside the apple store did peak my interest. So like the masses i hunkered down in my shell and spent the night outside waiting for my chance at Apple-crack.
After many hours waiting, not to mention the number of kids that picked me up and turned me over on my shell, I finally got my i-Phone back to my cage for inspection. It's $600 price tag was a little shocking, but more shocking was the servitude I would have to face to AT&T for the length of my i-Phone relationship. But I sucked it up, signed my life away and started mindlessly adding my i-Tunes and i-Photo library to it. That's one big downside to i-Phone without your commitment to AT&T your phone is rendered useless as a plasic palm tree unless you commit to a two year contract, bringing the total cost of your i-Phone to a cost of over $2,500 which for a crab who's calling area is a 12"x18" glass cage is a little excessive. So I give i-Phone 2 out of five gold medals because while it is cool it's still just a phone.


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